05.10.2007 Background information.

Narva avatud noortekeskus RLK is the organization , which works in the field of social welfare on the base of main principles cooperation with social department of Narva, the program of activities is directing to work with children.

The organization has started its activity in 2001 on the 25 th of July . Status of the organization is non-commercial and publicly open , initiative in direction to creation foundation was supported by the city authorities. Nevertheless Center deals with children activities on a free of charge basis. These principles remained throughout these years. The founders were individuals, with no connection to any state departments or organizations . During this period, the great deal of help and support came from Finnish Campus Caritas organization, which became a partner and supporter in upcoming years. Also , financial support was received from some funds, such as US embassy small grants programs during two years, Nordic council of ministers during three years. Widening spheres of activities and opening the new directions demanded to chance the location. The city authorities has offered the new premises , which meet the modern requirements and the purposes of the organization activities. With help by Finnish embassy and Holland fund the repair was completed and in 2005 the organization has continued its work in the new place . The relation between organization and city authorities is based on the rent agreement for ten years and council budget support. Effective changes that were made paved the way for attracting more children and now the center has welcomed as many as 100 children per day, from 8 to 16 years old, both sexes. Centre is open throughout the year and six days during the week , out of school time and has various possibilities for organizing spare time for children with benefit for them. The center has:

  • computer lab with 19 computers connecting to Internet,
  • video hall with wide selection of films,
  • lecture room,
  • games room,
  • sport hall,
  • library and study,
  • studio and workshop,
  • mini van.

  • The base of the centre is developing and changing , during 2007 we have changed all our computers techniques for higher quality.

    The further development of the activities and opening the new branches need widening the area of the location and repairing the present ones, because the number of visitors still increase. In working plans opening the new clubs and study groups for children, so we have to find specialists for it. In this connection we need for searching different small grants programs, which can suggest salary guaranteeing for them. This year we have support from Childhood foundation program , in framework of its, two specialists / English language teacher and psychologist / have possibilities get salary for job. The target groups of activities are the children from not social provided families and from poor families, children are registered in police department and have inclination for crime offences , children from orphanage and children home, street children. The main goal in process work is spending the free time for them with benefit for ones. The staff , which is working in this direction consists from free employees and four volunteers.


    The sphere of the project activity is work with youngsters , which have inclination for using drugs and vagrancy, the most part of participators are street children, so methods and purposes of activities are determinate from its. There are

  • organization the leisure time for teens during all year round after school time,
  • popularization healthy mode of style life,
  • suggestion information about possibilities ways for receiving necessary help in difficult life situations,
  • forming the individual of teen, as a valuable citizen of Estonia state,
  • suggestion possibilities of acquaintance with culture and customs of our state.
  • Target group.

    All participators, who are visited our centre are divided into some groups, depending on age, interests, proper time for visit etc. Each group has concrete time for study during the day after school time . Center works during all year round, per day it enters from 15 till 21 o clock ( during school year time) and from 12 till 18 ( during vacation time), welcomes 100 children daily from 8 to 16 ages, girls are about 25 p.c. from total numbers of visitors. The most part of the children are from not complete family and family, in which one of the parents is unemployment .


    The main direction of the centre work is different children clubs activities. There are journalist club, modeling club, literature club, dance studio for girls, role playing games club, photo-video lab etc. Besides some programs are realized in framework of support by different funds. Educational programs, including teaching children the basic knowledge of computer operation and internet, languages studies . Excursions programs, including trips around Estonia and Ida-Viru region . Summer and sport camps in Narva Yoesuu during vacation. On the regular basis there are celebrations of different festivities, assistance in dealing with school home works, conduct of regular lectures involving participation of social workers, psychologists, representatives of police youth, medical assistants and rescue workers, sport competitions, animation and cultural programs , hikes.

    Expected results:

  • diminishing number of law breaking offences among adolescents,
  • involve as more children , as possible, in active life style, interesting and useful occupations, spreading information about advantages of healthy life style mode,
  • involve children in process of integration into Estonian society, inform teens about culture, customs, history, language and people of native country,
  • afford teens information about AIDS and HIV infection danger, knowledge about themselves laws and duties.
  • Another activities:

  • manufacturing and installing children s play grounds in Narva and around Estonia in order of authorities plans,
  • transport service of disabled children , using special bus,
  • works on the social sites of the city in framework of traditionally summer labour children camps.
  • Partners:

    Council committee of the under-age children affairs
    Children House
    Local Council
    Centre of Psychological Assistance
    Parole supervision office
    Police Department / Youth section/
    Social Department of the city
    Campus Caritas Finland
    Norwegian Frisknett youth organization


    Monday - Friday:
    15.00 - 21.00
    10.00 - 13.00
    in holidays time:
    Monday - Friday:
    12.00 - 18.00
    10.00 - 13.00
    Sunday - rest-day

    Telephone: 35 77702

    Narva avatud noortekeskus RLK, 2005